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Class 6 (Type 6) Emulating Indicators

  • Type 6 Emulating Indicator

    Type 6 Emulating Indicator

    Mediwish Emulating chemical indicator, type 6 is performing very precisely for color-change in accordance with such three parameters as time, steam, and temperature covering 121ºC15 min. 135ºC 3.5 min. up to 141ºC. The color-·sharp change is from yellow to blue or pink to violet. Indicator enables to estimate aseptic guarantee level: by presuming the exposure condition of saturated vapor under measurement of precise sharp color-difference. Delicate color-difference on plastic film laminated appears precisely as follows in accordance with all critical parameters. Standard version is a laminated indicator without an adhesive backside.

    Method:  Steam sterilization, chemical sterilization

    Class: Class 6 (type 6)

    • Practical and easy-to-use.
    • Easy readout and interpretation due to the high accuracy of the chemical indicator color change.
    • Immediate results.
    • Low cost.
    • Manufactured with Mediwish® inks, 100% Metals Free.
    • Laminated option available (MZS-250-L)

    TST Indicator Class 6 (Type 6)

    Product reference/model number from manufacturer Product code – 60.100

    The strip  made from reinforced paper with adhesive back  (product code 60.100A) ; CE Mediwish Technical Files Sterilization Chemical Indicating Card/Strip page 120-126 PN 6421 01.21.20 Rev. 1.0)

    Suitable for use in portable steam sterilizers of the pressure cooker type, 24 and 39 Litres 

    Labelling on the primary packaging (in this case box of 250 pcs)  indicate the name and/or trademark of the manufacturer