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Sterilization Packaging

  • Protective Dust Cover Bags For Storage

    Protective Dust Cover Bags For Storage

    Protective packaging from Mediwish® Extend the shelf life of sterile medical devices.

    This packaging protects the sterile barrier systems, sterilized medical devices during transport and long term storage.

    Anti-dust Cover Bags for use after sterilization.

    • Both bag sides of durable, transparent Multilayer construction film.
    • Heat sealable with an impulse or rotosealer, recommended sealing temperature 130-160° C (272-335° F).
    • Also self-sealable version available.
    • The seals peel open easily.
    • Prolongs storage times of sterilised items.
    • Suitable for sterilisation by radiation.

    Mediwish® Dust Cover Bags are constructed of an impermeable multilayer boPET/PE plastic laminate, which protects items from dust and environmental influences and thus extends the sterility maintenance time.

    Mediwish Packaging
    Dust cover bags from Mediwish offer reliable protection packaging for sterile goods and sterile barrier systems during transport and storage. They also extend the possible shelf life of sterile medical
    Accessories, Hospital CSSD Products Medical

    Dust Cover Bags are designed to give extra protection to sterile barrier systems during transport and storage. One Dust Cover Bag can be used to protect single or multiple sterilized packages.

  • High Quality Flat Pouches Manufacturers

    High Quality Flat Pouches Manufacturers

    Name: Heat-sealable flat sterilization pouches “Mediwish”  for steam, ethylene oxide, and formaldehyde sterilization.

    Packaging is intended for packaging medical devices to be sterilized (steam, ethylene oxide, steam formaldehyde and radiation) in order to ensure their sterility after sterilization during storage and transportation prior to their intended use.
    Ready-to-use flat bags are designed for packaging with the purpose of subsequent sterilization of small-thickness instruments and medical devices allowing to distinguish sterilized and non-sterilized bags.
    The bags are intended for one-time use.

  • Self Seal Sterilization Autoclave Pouch Bags with Indicators, 1 Box of 200

    Self Seal Sterilization Autoclave Pouch Bags with Indicators, 1 Box of 200

    Mediwish Self seal sterilization pouches designed to allow sterilization of the enclosed medical device and also to maintain sterility of the device until the packaging is opened for use of the device, or until a predetermined shelf date is expired. This is a single-use device. Mediwish sterilization pouches are suitable for Steam, Ethylene oxide (EO) gas and Formaldehyde sterilization and printed with Class 1 Process Indicators. The method of sealing the bag valve is with self-adhesive double-sided tape. which is located on the front paper side of the bag valve.

    ▪ Superior barrier with 60gsm or 70gsm medical grade paper
    ▪ Transparent, reinforced multilayer co-polymer film
    ▪ ISO 11140-1 certified water based, non-toxic and accurate process indicator
    ▪ Three independent seal lines
    ▪ Fast closure without the requirement of heat sealing machines



  • Sterilization Pouch Roll Manufacturers

    Sterilization Pouch Roll Manufacturers

    Mediwish Sterilization Pouch Roll are constructed from transparent PET/PP multi-layers copolymer film and medical grade paper. Process indicators for steam and ethylene oxide sterilization are applied on the paper surface of the roll and help to differentiate between processed and unprocessed packages.

  • High Quality Sterilization Self Sealing Bag

    High Quality Sterilization Self Sealing Bag

    Self-Sealing Pouches:
    1. Adopt special double-sided tape to adhesive seal quickly and effectively without professional equipment.

    2. Adopt three side explosion-proof technology to prevent burst effectively.

    3. With sterilization change-color instructions to show sterilization conditions clearly.

    4. See interior items clearly through transparent film

    Adapt to sterilization methods: Ethylene oxide (ETO), pressure steam (STEAM)

    For: hospitals, outpatient sterilization packaging; beauty products sterilization packaging prior to

    use; laboratory supplies sterilization packaging; household high temperature sterilization packaging



  • High Quality Autoclave Pouches

    High Quality Autoclave Pouches

    The autoclave pouches are designed for short, easy presentation of sterile objects. Flat seals make certain seal integrity, and that the bags will not open or burst from exposure to sterilization factors in autoclave. Autoclave pouches facilitate powerful disinfection, secure dealing with, and garage of all items till the moment they are used. The pouches keep the sterility nature of contents saved inside till the self-sealing, adhesive strips, or heat sealed closure is opened.

  • High Quality Sterilization Pouch

    High Quality Sterilization Pouch

    Medical Sterilization Pouch


    Mediwish Co., Ltd, China is engaged in the production of packaging and indicators for industrial applications and use in hospitals under the trademark Mediwish ®.

    Transparent sterilization pouches are a universal packaging solution for sterilization and perfectly meet the packaging requirements of almost all light and medium weight tools and kits.

    Mediwish ® pouches are manufactured in accordance with ISO 11607; EN 868-5.

    Mediwish ® is certified according to EN ISO 13485. CE marking is applied to the outer cardboard box.

    ART no. MZS

  • Mediwish® Standard Crepe Printed Autoclave Paper Roll, 21″ x 125′, 6/Pack

    Mediwish® Standard Crepe Printed Autoclave Paper Roll, 21″ x 125′, 6/Pack

    1 Beauty-Spa-Medical for Massage, Lash, Micro-needling, Tattoo Bed.  Apply to package items before sterilication. It is disposable and repalce the usage of cotton cloth, we suggested to use double-layer packaging with different colors, which means to four-layer of cotton cloth.Pls clean items completely before packaging, after cleaning the items, keep them dry and packing in time.




    Dye penetration testing is a cost-effective and common method used to identify potential channel leaks or other defects in the seals of a package. Push Dye Test. PT Tester. Seal Seam Ink Test. ISO 11607-1; This standard requires a validation of the sealing and packing process.

  • Dry Heat Sterilization Bags Manufacturers

    Dry Heat Sterilization Bags Manufacturers

    Paper bags (kraft, wet-strength) flat self-sealing for sterilization
    Flat bags made of wet-strength paper (white) and kraft paper (natural colors) with a density of 70 g/m2 self-adhesive Mediwish for steam, air, steam formaldehyde, ethylene oxide and radiation sterilization is easy permeable to appropriate sterilizing agents, closed impervious to microorganisms, retain integrity after sterilization by the appropriate method.
    - Comply with the requirements of ISO 11607-2011, EN 868;
    - The class 1 indicator is applied on the outside of the package, allowing you to distinguish sterilized products from non-sterilized ones;
    - Sealing of packages is carried out manually;
    - Do not require additional equipment for hermetic sealing;
    - Wide range of standard sizes;
    - The shelf life of sterility is 50 days, in double packaging – 60 days
    - Guaranteed shelf life – 18 months

  • High Quality Tyvek Medical Pouch

    High Quality Tyvek Medical Pouch

    Medical Tyvek Pouches

    Get Latest Price. In order to cater to the variegated demands of our esteemed clients, we are highly engrossed in manufacturing and supplying a wide range of Medical Tyvek Pouches.
    Usage: - Used for packaging a wide variety of terminally sterilized medical devices. Features: - Tear resistance
  • High Quality CSR Sterilization Wrap

    High Quality CSR Sterilization Wrap

    Sheet form wraps are made from blended cellulose nan-woven barrier fabric Complies with European  Standards ISO 11607-1 . Sterilization wrap, creped paper sheet, 60 gram per square metre, size 60 cms x 60 cms. Item crepe on both side.   Supply in carton of 500 units.

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