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Steam Sterilization Indicator Strips

  • High Quality Sterile Indicator

    High Quality Sterile Indicator

    The Mediwish chemical process sterile indicator  are designed for use in steam sterilizers operating at 132°C to 135°C (270°F to 276°F) to give a visible indication that sterilization conditions have been met.

  • Class 5: Dental Sterilization Steam Indicator Strips Class V, 200 pcs/Box Autoclave Test Strips

    Class 5: Dental Sterilization Steam Indicator Strips Class V, 200 pcs/Box Autoclave Test Strips

    The instruction applies to disposable chemical indicators for monitoring steam sterilization processes manufactured by Mediwish Co., Ltd, designed to ensure operational visual control of compliance with the parameters of modes and conditions of steam sterilization according to class 5 of ISO 11140-1-2014 in steam sterilizer chambers with all method for removing air from sterilization chamber.

    Indicators should be used for routine and periodic monitoring sterilization of medical devices in sterilization departments of medical preventive organizations are intended for use by personnel of organizations, institutions and services that operate and control sterilization equipment.

  • Steam Sterilization Indicator Strips

    Steam Sterilization Indicator Strips

    How to use sterilization indicators? How often should chemical sterilization indicators be used? This question is often asked by heads of institutions. The answer to this question is very simple - it is necessary to use indicators every time you put instruments into the sterilizer. Only constant quality control of sterilization will allow timely detection of a breakdown of the sterilizer or improper sterilization by an employee, and then promptly solve the problem. At each laying of instrumen...
  • Autoclave Indicator Strips Manufacturers

    Autoclave Indicator Strips Manufacturers


    For Monitoring Sterilization Processes, Type 1

    Available for Steam, EO Gas, DRY HEAT, FORMALDEHYDE or Hydrogen Peroxide sterilization processes

    Compliance: ISO 11140-1:2014 Sterilization of health care products – Chemical indicators – Part 1: General requirements

    Designed to give visible indication that sterilizing conditions were met in steam sterilizers operating at 132ºC-134ºC (270ºF-273ºF).

  • High Quality Autoclave Test Strips

    High Quality Autoclave Test Strips

    We offer indicators of 1, 2, 4, 5 and 6 classes according to ISO 11140 to control most steam sterilization modes in all types of sterilizers.

    Mediwish indicator strips  designed to monitor compliance with the critical variables of the steam sterilization process – sterilization temperature, sterilization exposure time and the presence of saturated water vapor inside the sterilized products, and in the sterilization chamber in steam sterilizers with the removal of air from the chamber by steam purge at appropriate cycles (modes) of sterilization.

    Product Features: · belong to class 4 (multivariable indicators) according to the classification of ISO 11140-1-2014; placed inside sterilized products and packages; · the sticky layer (option) on the reverse side of the indicator facilitates its fixing on sterilized packages and during documentation; non-toxic, do not contain lead compounds, do not emit harmful and toxic components during application and storage;

    · Guaranteed shelf life – 72 months. One indicator can be used for several sterilization modes.