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Barrier Film Dispenser Manufacturers

Short Description:

Main Features:

  • Disposable Barrier Film Plastic Dispenser Protecting
  • The dental barrier film dispenser is made from high-impact material.
  • Acrylic Stand Holder
  • It is reusable and reduces waste of cardboard dispenser boxes.
  • Size: W14cm x D23cm x H19cm

Product Detail

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  • 【KEEP CLEAN】The dental barrier film dispenser is used to support the barrier film roll for easy access, while protecting the film roll from dust and keeping it clean.
  • 【EASY TO USE】Rotary joint design, easy to install and use, and it is more convenient to replace the barrier film roll.
  • 【HIGH QUALITY】Made of heavy acrylic and plastic, compact, space-saving, very firm and stable, will not slide around when taking the protective film.
  • 【EFFICIENCY】The inner wall of the dispenser and the column supporting the barrier film roll are very smooth, you can feel no resistance when you take the barrier film. It improves work efficiency and it is a comfortable choice for your dental work.
  • 【FITS】Size: 13.5*18 *24.5cm, Barrier film size supported: 4″*6″.
  • Item name Oral protective film boxes / shelves
    Application Place the protective film easy to use and convenient operation
    Material ABS+Acrylic
    Size W14cm x D23cm x H19cm
    Condition IN STOCK

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