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Medical Rotary Sealers

  • High Quality Medical Rotary Sealer

    High Quality Medical Rotary Sealer

    Medical Rotary Sealer

    For packaging before sterilization.
    Material can be seal: plastic pouch (PET/PE)+paper, tyvek
    According to the standard EN868-5 and EN86811607-1,  EN868-4

    ¤Auto-control function, continuous operation. Automatic sealing machine.
    Intelligent temperature controller, accuracy ± 1%, working temperature range: 60~220℃;
    ¤ High rate increase of temperature, it only needs 40 seconds to get temperature from room temperature to 180℃;
    ¤ Adjustable fixed-force system, suitable for sealing paper-plastic bags, 3D paper-plastic bags and paper-paper bags;
    ¤ Advanced flat ceramic heating components, high-temperature stability, long life expectancy and high heat efficiency.