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Sterilization control

  • Eo Gas Chemical Indicator Medical Eo Gas Sterilization Chemical Indicator Sticker Sterilize Eo Label

    Eo Gas Chemical Indicator Medical Eo Gas Sterilization Chemical Indicator Sticker Sterilize Eo Label

    Basic Info. Product Description Product: Description: 1. Made of high quality medical paper board and ink. 2. Indicator turns blue from red under particular EtO gas, temperature and time. 3. Packaging detail: 200pcs/PE-bag, 200pcs/box. 4. Storage: away from light, corrosive gas and in 15ºC-30ºC, 50% humidity. 5. Validity: 18 months. 6. Delivery details: 100%T/T. Specification: Item N.W. G.W. Qty MEAS 100mm*20mm 96g 100g 250pcs/box 105*70*20mm OEM as customers’ requirement. ...
  • High Quality Helix test autoclave Manufacturers

    High Quality Helix test autoclave Manufacturers

    MEDIWISH Helix Test Hollow Load Process Challenge Device (PCD) is compliant with EN 867-5, ISO 11140  for pre-vacuum steam sterilization of hollow loads. MEDIWISH Helix Test hollow load PCD verifies air removal, deep vacuum achievement necessary for lumens, steam penetration, and exposure levels. It is a reusable device that can be utilized in each sterilization load, as an independent control device for decisions regarding load release or for daily release of pre-vacuum steam sterilizers should hollow load tests be required.

  • High Quality Autoclave Test Strips

    High Quality Autoclave Test Strips

    We offer indicators of 1, 2, 4, 5 and 6 classes according to ISO 11140 to control most steam sterilization modes in all types of sterilizers.

    Mediwish indicator strips  designed to monitor compliance with the critical variables of the steam sterilization process – sterilization temperature, sterilization exposure time and the presence of saturated water vapor inside the sterilized products, and in the sterilization chamber in steam sterilizers with the removal of air from the chamber by steam purge at appropriate cycles (modes) of sterilization.

    Product Features: · belong to class 4 (multivariable indicators) according to the classification of ISO 11140-1-2014; placed inside sterilized products and packages; · the sticky layer (option) on the reverse side of the indicator facilitates its fixing on sterilized packages and during documentation; non-toxic, do not contain lead compounds, do not emit harmful and toxic components during application and storage;

    · Guaranteed shelf life – 72 months. One indicator can be used for several sterilization modes.

  • Class 1 indicators for sterilization

    Class 1 indicators for sterilization

    Indicators of this class distinguish packages that are to be sterilized from those that have already been sterilized and are ready for use, provided that the sterilization cycle has passed correctly and indicators of higher classes indicate that the required conditions have been completed. The operation of a class 1 process indicator  not indicate that the required sterilization conditions have been reached. Mediwish offer Class 1 indicators for sterilization in strips, labels, cards and tapes

  • Autoclave sterilization indicator tape for STEAM

    Autoclave sterilization indicator tape for STEAM

    APPLICATION: For fixing of sterile packs wrapped in crepe, non-woven and SMS.  With indicator for identification of sterilized/ non-sterilized packs. EVALUATION: Ensure you examine the colour of the indicator in sufficient light and assess the colour-change. A distinct colour change shows the important sterilization parameters have been achieved.  The typical colour changes are:

    Steam yellow to black

    Mediwish autoclave tapes are a safe solution for closing all packaging materials. The progress indicator ink shows a slight and precise color change and indicates whether the package has been processed. Autoclave tapes are suitable for steam and ethylene oxide sterilization processes and provide a clean release of wrapping material. All sizes of autoclave tapes are available with indicator paint and as unprinted fixing tapes.



  • Autoclave Sterilization Indicator Tape

    Autoclave Sterilization Indicator Tape

    Intend Use:

    STERILIZATION ADHESIVE INDICATING TAPE can be used to seal sterilization packs wrapped in nonwoven or muslin wrappers. STERILIZATION ADHESIVE INDICATING TAPE is designed for use in common sterilizing processes STEAM. The diagonal strips is printed using chemical indicator ink along the length of the tape. The indicator ink is responsive to the process parameters of sterilization STEAM. During the sterilization cycle, initial color of the indicator ink on STERILIZATION ADHESIVE INDICATING TAPE changes to a black color. If no color change occurs, this may indicate that STERILIZATION ADHESIVE INDICATING TAPE was not exposed to the sterilant as a result of an equipment malfunction or procedural error in the sterilization process.


    Vivid color change provides an immediate indication. This is a single use, disposable device(s), provided non-sterile.

  • High Quality Sterile Indicator

    High Quality Sterile Indicator

    The Mediwish chemical process sterile indicator  are designed for use in steam sterilizers operating at 132°C to 135°C (270°F to 276°F) to give a visible indication that sterilization conditions have been met.

  • Gas plasma sterilization indicator

    Gas plasma sterilization indicator

    Product description:

    Chemical indicator card for plasma sterilization is that a chemical substance with thermal chemicals, reagent and their their accessories made of ink, and printing ink on the special card paper which is printed standard color blocks (yellow). After complete plasma sterilization, the color of indicating color blocks will change from red to yellow, which means the sterilization meet the eligibility requirements.

    Usable range:
    Apply to the low temperature hydrogen peroxide plasma sterilization process instructions.
    The color changing: from Red into Yellow after sterilization.

  • Autoclave Bowie Dick test pack Direct Manufacturer

    Autoclave Bowie Dick test pack Direct Manufacturer

    BOWIE-DICK TEST PACK For Monitoring Air Removal/Steam Penetration
    Product Description. Mediwish Bowie-Dick Test Packs contain no lead or other toxic heavy metals. The indicators are manufactured to evaluate the efficacy of air removal and steam penetration in pre-vacuum sterilizers. A Bowie-Dick Test passing result indicates that the sterilizer has successfully removed air and can allow steam to penetrate a load placed in the chamber. The indicators are designed for use in pre-vacuum steam sterilizers operating at 134°C. The Bowie-Dick Test Packs are designed for simulating a 7 kg cotton pack according to ISO 11140-4 Type 2.

  • Type 6 Emulating Indicator

    Type 6 Emulating Indicator

    Mediwish Emulating chemical indicator, type 6 is performing very precisely for color-change in accordance with such three parameters as time, steam, and temperature covering 121ºC15 min. 135ºC 3.5 min. up to 141ºC. The color-·sharp change is from yellow to blue or pink to violet. Indicator enables to estimate aseptic guarantee level: by presuming the exposure condition of saturated vapor under measurement of precise sharp color-difference. Delicate color-difference on plastic film laminated appears precisely as follows in accordance with all critical parameters. Standard version is a laminated indicator without an adhesive backside.

    Method:  Steam sterilization, chemical sterilization

    Class: Class 6 (type 6)

    • Practical and easy-to-use.
    • Easy readout and interpretation due to the high accuracy of the chemical indicator color change.
    • Immediate results.
    • Low cost.
    • Manufactured with Mediwish® inks, 100% Metals Free.
    • Laminated option available (MZS-250-L)

    TST Indicator Class 6 (Type 6)

    Product reference/model number from manufacturer Product code – 60.100

    The strip  made from reinforced paper with adhesive back  (product code 60.100A) ; CE Mediwish Technical Files Sterilization Chemical Indicating Card/Strip page 120-126 PN 6421 01.21.20 Rev. 1.0)

    Suitable for use in portable steam sterilizers of the pressure cooker type, 24 and 39 Litres 

    Labelling on the primary packaging (in this case box of 250 pcs)  indicate the name and/or trademark of the manufacturer 



  • Ethylene oxide indicator tape

    Ethylene oxide indicator tape

    Adhesive tape with indicators of ethylene oxide sterilization is designed for packaging large items to be sterilized in an ethylene oxide sterilizer, applied indicators in the form of diagonal stripes on the tape simultaneously serve to visually distinguish the completed sterilization cycle of sterilized products. The tape is produced in various widths for convenience.

  • Class 5: Dental Sterilization Steam Indicator Strips Class V, 200 pcs/Box Autoclave Test Strips

    Class 5: Dental Sterilization Steam Indicator Strips Class V, 200 pcs/Box Autoclave Test Strips

    The instruction applies to disposable chemical indicators for monitoring steam sterilization processes manufactured by Mediwish Co., Ltd, designed to ensure operational visual control of compliance with the parameters of modes and conditions of steam sterilization according to class 5 of ISO 11140-1-2014 in steam sterilizer chambers with all method for removing air from sterilization chamber.

    Indicators should be used for routine and periodic monitoring sterilization of medical devices in sterilization departments of medical preventive organizations are intended for use by personnel of organizations, institutions and services that operate and control sterilization equipment.

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