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  • Dental Barrier Film Roll 4″ x 6″ -1200 Sheets, Blue

    Dental Barrier Film Roll 4″ x 6″ -1200 Sheets, Blue

    Dental Barrier Film Roll 4″ x 6″ -1200 Sheets, Blue is for Protection of dental chair and dental equipment: paste barrier film on dental chair,dental chair operation keyboard,dental lampshade,dental handle,door handle, and other places where hands touch to isolate bacteria and prevent cross infection;It is easy to use and easy to be removed without residue,especially easy to be removed on non sticky edges.

    Dental Barrier Film Roll 4″ x 6″ -1200 Sheets, Blue is used for covering items likely to become contaminated during a medical procedure, tattoo, or piercing. It is used to prevent contamination and cross-contamination.  This Precision Barrier Film comes in a convenient dispenser box with 1200 perforated sheets.  Each sheet is 4″ x 6″.  Some items during tattooing that you may cover with barrier film include power supply knobs, lights, arms of chairs, and other various locations in your tattooing or piercing room.


  • Autoclave sterilization indicator tape for STEAM

    Autoclave sterilization indicator tape for STEAM

    APPLICATION: For fixing of sterile packs wrapped in crepe, non-woven and SMS.  With indicator for identification of sterilized/ non-sterilized packs. EVALUATION: Ensure you examine the colour of the indicator in sufficient light and assess the colour-change. A distinct colour change shows the important sterilization parameters have been achieved.  The typical colour changes are:

    Steam yellow to black

    Mediwish autoclave tapes are a safe solution for closing all packaging materials. The progress indicator ink shows a slight and precise color change and indicates whether the package has been processed. Autoclave tapes are suitable for steam and ethylene oxide sterilization processes and provide a clean release of wrapping material. All sizes of autoclave tapes are available with indicator paint and as unprinted fixing tapes.



  • Autoclave Sterilization Indicator Tape

    Autoclave Sterilization Indicator Tape

    Intend Use:

    STERILIZATION ADHESIVE INDICATING TAPE can be used to seal sterilization packs wrapped in nonwoven or muslin wrappers. STERILIZATION ADHESIVE INDICATING TAPE is designed for use in common sterilizing processes STEAM. The diagonal strips is printed using chemical indicator ink along the length of the tape. The indicator ink is responsive to the process parameters of sterilization STEAM. During the sterilization cycle, initial color of the indicator ink on STERILIZATION ADHESIVE INDICATING TAPE changes to a black color. If no color change occurs, this may indicate that STERILIZATION ADHESIVE INDICATING TAPE was not exposed to the sterilant as a result of an equipment malfunction or procedural error in the sterilization process.


    Vivid color change provides an immediate indication. This is a single use, disposable device(s), provided non-sterile.

  • Autoclave Bowie Dick test pack Direct Manufacturer

    Autoclave Bowie Dick test pack Direct Manufacturer

    BOWIE-DICK TEST PACK For Monitoring Air Removal/Steam Penetration
    Product Description. Mediwish Bowie-Dick Test Packs contain no lead or other toxic heavy metals. The indicators are manufactured to evaluate the efficacy of air removal and steam penetration in pre-vacuum sterilizers. A Bowie-Dick Test passing result indicates that the sterilizer has successfully removed air and can allow steam to penetrate a load placed in the chamber. The indicators are designed for use in pre-vacuum steam sterilizers operating at 134°C. The Bowie-Dick Test Packs are designed for simulating a 7 kg cotton pack according to ISO 11140-4 Type 2.

  • High Quality Flat Pouches Manufacturers

    High Quality Flat Pouches Manufacturers

    Name: Heat-sealable flat sterilization pouches “Mediwish”  for steam, ethylene oxide, and formaldehyde sterilization.

    Packaging is intended for packaging medical devices to be sterilized (steam, ethylene oxide, steam formaldehyde and radiation) in order to ensure their sterility after sterilization during storage and transportation prior to their intended use.
    Ready-to-use flat bags are designed for packaging with the purpose of subsequent sterilization of small-thickness instruments and medical devices allowing to distinguish sterilized and non-sterilized bags.
    The bags are intended for one-time use.

  • Self Seal Sterilization Autoclave Pouch Bags with Indicators, 1 Box of 200

    Self Seal Sterilization Autoclave Pouch Bags with Indicators, 1 Box of 200

    Mediwish Self seal sterilization pouches designed to allow sterilization of the enclosed medical device and also to maintain sterility of the device until the packaging is opened for use of the device, or until a predetermined shelf date is expired. This is a single-use device. Mediwish sterilization pouches are suitable for Steam, Ethylene oxide (EO) gas and Formaldehyde sterilization and printed with Class 1 Process Indicators. The method of sealing the bag valve is with self-adhesive double-sided tape. which is located on the front paper side of the bag valve.

    ▪ Superior barrier with 60gsm or 70gsm medical grade paper
    ▪ Transparent, reinforced multilayer co-polymer film
    ▪ ISO 11140-1 certified water based, non-toxic and accurate process indicator
    ▪ Three independent seal lines
    ▪ Fast closure without the requirement of heat sealing machines



  • Biological indicator for steam sterilization

    Biological indicator for steam sterilization

    Self-contained biological indicators

    for disposable control of STEAM sterilization MEDIWISH




    Disposable Self-Contained Biological Indicators (SCBIs) for control of steam sterilization MEDIWISH (hereinafter SCBIs) manufactured by MEDIWISH CO., LTD (CHINA) in accordance with ISO 11138-1-2012, ISO 11138-3-2012. The use of SCBIs makes it possible to identify ineffective sterilization caused by a technical malfunction of sterilizers, violation of the rules for their loading and / or operation, an error in setting the parameter values or their failure.

  • Disposable bowie dick test pack for autoclave steam sterilization

    Disposable bowie dick test pack for autoclave steam sterilization

    Cssd Autoclave air removal test For Steam Sterilization air removal test bowie and dick test pack  bowie and dick test pack sterilization test package Factory Direct Sales autoclave enviroment testing Test Wash Monitoring Indicator autoclave enviroment testing disposable sterilize packs disposable sterilize packs sterilization use bowie dick testing pack Daily Consumables autoclave sterilizer For Sterilization autoclave sterilizer bowie dick bowie dick sterilization indicator M...