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Flat sterilization rolls Manufacturers

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Flat sterilization rolls, designed for sterilization of medical products by steam, gas, radiation methods. Manufactured from tear-resistant and non-splintering multi-layered film-laminate, 5 layers of transparent color and white medical paper. The rolls are equipped with first class chemical indicators that allow you to distinguish sterilized products from products that have not been sterilized. The period of preservation of the sterility of the instrument in the package, after sterilization, is 2 years. On the side of the rolls, the date of manufacture, expiration date and batch number are indicated. The shelf life of the roll itself is 5 years.
Comply with ISO 11607-2011
Manufacturer: Mediwish Co., Ltd, China

  • Material: paper, CPP/PET film
  • Usage:: Packing Medical Device in Dental/Hospital/Beauty/Salon
  • FOB Price: US $0.5 - 9,999 / Piece
  • Min.Order Quantity: 100 Piece/Pieces
  • Certificates: CE, ISO 13485, FSC
  • Paper weight: 60 g/m2
  • Film thickness: 52 µm
  • Shelf life: 5 years
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    CE-mark is printed on the outer carton: EN ISO 11607 and EN 868-5, ARTG No. 135955
    Construction: 70 g/m2 sterilization paper conforming to EN 868-3 and EN 58953, parts 2 and & 1
    • light blue tinted transparent film Polyester / Polypropylene (PETP/PPX
    • non-toxic STEAM, ETO-GAS and FORMALDEHYDE indicators at intervals of 135-150 mm
    Side seal seam consists of three parallel seal lines (grooved seal seam). The minimum width of the seal(s) is 10 mm. In grooved seals the sum of the rib width of ribs is minimum 10 mm.
    Printing details: Indicators, description / size, article Number and batch Number after the backslash, manufacturer and brand name are printed onto the paper, covered by the seal.
    Method of sterilization: Steam, ETO-gas, formaldehyde – not for gamma-rays or plasma-Sterilization.
    Sealing: For see-through reels commercial continuous sealing devices are most suitablæ The sealing temperature should be in the range of 175- 200C The correct peel direction is printed on the see-through pouch or see-through reel to ensure its safe, fibre-free opening.
    Substances:  Our see-through pouches or reels do not contain: latex, PVC, bisphenol A, colophony, TSEJBSE risk materials, SVHC substances and phthalates Indicator inks are free of heavy metals
    Method of use:
    Mediwish see-through reels should be cut, according to the item to be packec[ Make a bottom seal right at the end of the tube Fill the pouch and seal at the top end leaving a peel tab of 15 to 20mnm A free space
    of at least 3 cm from the seal area should be maintained to avoid stress on the seal To remove content peel apart the film and the paper.

    • Non-toxic steam-, E.T.O.-gas- and Formaldehyde- indicators are placed outside the filling area – no danger of migration of indicator ink onto sterile goods.
    • and LOT-No.
    • REF and LOT-No. inside core QC-label with batch-Number etc.
    Reference to standard and size of product.
    • Peel direction for opening printed at regular intervals.

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