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Dry Heat sterilization bags

  • Dry Heat Sterilization Bags Manufacturers

    Dry Heat Sterilization Bags Manufacturers

    Paper bags (kraft, wet-strength) flat self-sealing for sterilization
    Flat bags made of wet-strength paper (white) and kraft paper (natural colors) with a density of 70 g/m2 self-adhesive Mediwish for steam, air, steam formaldehyde, ethylene oxide and radiation sterilization is easy permeable to appropriate sterilizing agents, closed impervious to microorganisms, retain integrity after sterilization by the appropriate method.
    - Comply with the requirements of ISO 11607-2011, EN 868;
    - The class 1 indicator is applied on the outside of the package, allowing you to distinguish sterilized products from non-sterilized ones;
    - Sealing of packages is carried out manually;
    - Do not require additional equipment for hermetic sealing;
    - Wide range of standard sizes;
    - The shelf life of sterility is 50 days, in double packaging – 60 days
    - Guaranteed shelf life – 18 months