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How to become the world’s largest exporter of medical supplies to fight COVID-19 Ⅲ

In 2020, the United States remained the largest importer of critical medical products to combat the pandemic, followed by Germany and China. The United States bought $78 billion worth of goods from abroad, accounting for nearly one-fifth of the world’s imports of such goods. The share of other major importers was small, with none exceeding 10%.

Overall, the top 10 economies accounted for 61.7% of world imports of medical products critical to the fight against COVID-19, lower than the 71.6% share of the top 10 exporting economies.

The STATISTICS show that exports of key pandemic products are concentrated in a relatively small number of productive economies, the WTO noted. Of note, among the top 10 importing economies for critical COVID-19 products, the UK saw the largest increase in imports in 2020 at 80.2%, followed by France (58.4%) and Italy (51.7%). This is also consistent with the high incidence and screening rate in the country that year.

The WTO noted that bilateral trade patterns among the top three economies in the first half of 2020 continued throughout the year: the US and Germany were major importers of critical medical products to combat COVID-19, most of which were sourced from China. In 2020, US imports of key COVID-19 products from China increased by 158%, while Mexico’s share of similar products in the US market declined from 18.5% in 2019 to 14.0% in 2020.
According to WTO statistics, China accounted for 40.2 percent of the US market and more than a quarter (26.5 percent) of the German market. Together with Mexico, China provided more than half of the key medical products exported to the US to fight COVID-19.

In contrast, Germany’s imports from China grew even higher, at 310.5%, an increase of $6.5 billion compared with 2019. The WTO also noted Germany’s growing dependence on external critical medical products: imports from its three largest source countries (China, the US and the Netherlands) rose to 46% from 32% in 2019.

China’s top three import sources are the United States, Japan and Germany, accounting for almost half of China’s imports of key medical products to combat COVID-19.
China has exported more than 500 million doses of COVID-19 vaccine and stock

As mentioned above, the data released by the General Administration of Customs shows that in the first half of this year, China has exported over 500 million doses of COVID-19 vaccines and stock liquids to 112 countries and regions.

At a press conference on July 13, Li kuiwen said that China’s supply of vaccines and stock solutions to the world is equivalent to one-sixth of the current global total vaccine production, making an important contribution to global anti-epidemic cooperation and economic recovery.

Li kuiwen said that in order to ensure rapid customs clearance of COVID-19 vaccines, the General Administration of Customs has introduced a series of measures to proactively communicate with vaccine export enterprises, do a good job in interpreting the export process and providing guidance for the whole chain, and quickly go through customs clearance of key equipment urgently needed for vaccine production to help expand production capacity of COVID-19 vaccines. At the same time, we have timely addressed the actual difficulties and needs of COVID-19 vaccine exporters, established a traceability platform for the whole process, and significantly reduced the time for customs clearance. Currently, the approval time for health quarantine of export vaccines has been shortened from the statutory 20 working days to two hours, and the clearance time has been shortened to less than three hours. While ensuring the safety of COVID-19 vaccines and fast customs clearance, the Customs has also taken a number of measures to crack down on the illegal exit of COVID-19 vaccines.

Post time: Apr-06-2022